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See also: Nurses: There is no reason to revolutionary changes in education »DECENTRALIZATION SOLUTION? Part of the medical community believes that we should take an example from our southern neighbors – the Czechs. Their decentralized health system is considered a model among the countries of Eastern Europe. Despite the much less costly – 2 040 USD per capita – is higher rated than eg. The existing centralized system in the UK, where spending per capita reaches USD 3 235 (by. OECD report for 2015.). – In my opinion, an example of quality improvement and better financial planning in health care, would be to introduce three or four competing payers. This would result in market competition with the patient.

As a result, measures przesunęłyby to the providers of medical services at a good price and the highest standard. Only such a system would make the patient would become his most important element – says Adam Zaremba-Śmietański, president of GEO, building the multiprofiles Specialist Hospital in Katowice. See also: National Health Fund will no longer be demanded fees for the visit to the GP »Table 1. Source: Financial data made available to the public in public media. Developing własne.Budowy hospitals in Poland with wyposażeniemKoszt Number of Beds Cost łóżkaSzpital Wrocław Regional million zł550 385 700 000 zł Warsaw Hospital South zł288 488 million zł 1 694 444 Expansion of Hospital Wrzesnia 65 million zł100650 000 zł Academic Hospital in Wroclaw 755 million zł 913 826 944 Read More