South celebrities that are korean Gambling Illegally with Won.Tons.

South celebrities that are korean Gambling Illegally with Won.Tons.

Popular South Korean TV comedian and personality Lee Soo-geun is quite the gambler, it seems. (Image supply: asianwiki)

We tend, rightly, to think about North Korea since the area where absolutely nothing is allowed and no one can have any fun. But it turns out that within their even more cousin that is seemingly westernized the south, the law comes with an iron fist too.

Southern Korea makes gambling illegal salvage for a couple of state-run and strictly limited opportunities. Yet, recently, a few well-known South Korean celebrities have risked it all for the benefit of a gambling that is quick, while having been caught red-handed by the authorities there.

Celebs Get Trapped

Among those caught up within the gambling allegations really are a well-known TV host/comedian, two A-list variety show hosts, and a former singer associated with the culturally popular variety that is k-pop. They truly are now all under research for unlawful sports gambling.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office has established that popular tv comedian Lee Soo-geun has been summoned for questioning, based on suspicions that he wagered a huge selection of millions of Korean won (1KRW is equal to approximately $0.93) on English Premier League soccer matches using a gambling website that is private.

Following news of the comedian’s so-called bad behavior, Lee Soo-geun announced their intentions to go out of all programs he is cu Read More

Toronto Region Casino Opportunities Dwindling As More Doors Slam Shut

Toronto Region Casino Opportunities Dwindling As More Doors Slam Shut

Apparently, Toronto and environs are less than stoked up about getting a swank casino resort like this Oxford rendering depicts.

O Toronto, Canada! You are doing not appear to cotton too much to the basic concept of a casino, do you?

Toronto and outlying areas have been earmarked and several developers have expressed curiosity about the area for making a resort casino, but it would appear that planners are running out of places that might be willing to accept a casino within their neighborhood. The area that is latest to block a casino is Vaughan, which has voted against the notion of building a casino there.

Vaughan Just Says No, Narrowly

The town of Vaughan rejected the casino plan in a vote that is 5-4. Even though vote was very close, it echoed the results in other towns and cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), as two others have already rejected this kind of idea while the two remaining places appear not likely or at least uncertain allowing a casino within their city limits.

Vaughan joins Toronto and Markham City as having formally refused casino discounts. Toronto’s vote was the absolute most infamous of all, as inspite of the help of Mayor Rob Ford, the town council rejected a downtown casino by a 40-4 vote. That ensured that the issue wouldn’t be coming up again within the future that is near. Markham’s vote was also one-sided, though by the less margin that is dramatic of.

Ontario Read More

Proceed to Repeal Massachusetts Casino Law Gaining Some Traction

 Proceed to Repeal Massachusetts Casino Law Gaining Some Traction

A map showing the 3 Massachusetts regions where casino licenses can theoretically be granted. Some voters want this legislation repealed now.

Nobody in the state of Massachusetts doubts that the folks there like to gamble. Nevertheless, there appears to be a certain disconnect between that fact and the outcome of current referendums, in which voters have already been rejecting casinos left and right across the state. The message seems to be that casinos are okay as long as these are typicallyn’t located in their own backyard.

Not Near Me Personally

Even Governor Deval Patrick has said that he’dn’t would like a casino in his hometown of Richmond, while State home Speaker Robert DeLeo says he’d vote against one in Winthrop. Mind you, both are theoretically in benefit of expanded gambling into the state just as long they live as it doesn’t land where.

But some anti-casino advocates are reading these votes in another way. They’ve said all along that gambling enterprises are bad for communities and the continuing state being a whole, and they need to cease the casino expansion before it even gets started. Not long ago, a group of selectmen from four Massachusetts towns created the MetroWest Anti-Casino Coalition, an organization that became specialized in repealing the casino legislation and stopping any casinos whatsoever from being built in their state; they now state their work has had such an impact tha Read More

Poker Pro Bill Jordanou Stuns Australia with Alleged Bank Fraud

Poker Pro Bill Jordanou Stuns Australia with Alleged Bank Fraud

The poker world is stunned by news of an so-called $70-million bank fraud scandal and possible Ponzi scheme as well involving pro Bill Jordanou.

Just What would make a successful poker pro danger every thing by getting tangled up in a massive, multimillion dollar bank fraud and Ponzi scheme plot? That is the question many are now asking regarding Australian poker pro Bill Jordanou, who is under investigation by Victoria authorities for his alleged role in a bank fraudulence that continued for years, in accordance with reports.

While information on the reported Ponzi scheme are sparse, the $70 million bank fraud operation was reportedly carried away with Jordanou’s business partner, Robert Zaia, 45. The 2 presumably ensnared Zaia’s wealthy clients, via his accountancy company Zaia Arthur & Associates, into an undetailed Ponzi scheme, while simultaneously forging bank papers to secure loans, oftentimes in Zaia’s customers’ names, which they then comingled with home and development loans they also received from the bank, for jobs that either never existed or were never started.

Bank Holds Victims Hostage

But the caper gets even crazier from right here. The bank employed for all these transactions was Australia’s biggest: Commonwealth Bank. That bank has become holding Zaia’s allegedly clients that are scammed within the loans guaranteed in their names, without their permission. One of these former consumer Read More